Scientists do it on the table...Periodically

Man who is still fairly certain one day he is going to go into outer space. m4w (London)

I always wanted to be an astronaut but thought it safer to be an astrophysicist. Then I swapped that for being an atomic physicist because I ticked the box that said mad on the form where I chose what sort of scientist to be, so I had to have a lab. At the moment I don't have a hunch back assistant and tend to sing rather than laugh maniacally in the lab.

If its any consolation, I do blow things up fairly regularly and enjoy the odd electric shock.

As dreams go, if the outer space thing doesn't work out, I'd love to open a little bar (I'd call it h). I sometimes invent cocktails for h, the most recent is the "beer hugging muso" which is a pint of Guinness served in a glass.
This would also give me a venue and a captive audience to inflict my singing upon. I've been saying for years I really want to start playing some open mic nights but never do because I'm a bit shy when it comes to my 'creative' side. That and I never get round to finishing songs. I imagine it located in the old Mole Jazz place near Kings Cross (I'm keeping the mole sign though).

I'm trying to find a new and interesting hobby at the moment, so far I've got a flask of weak lemon drink but no ideas. A friend tried to get me to go swing dancing, but I'm not sure I'm trendy enough or have enough control over my limbs. I'm trying to visit more museums and contemplating baking my own bread but I'm not sure they count.

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