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Editor's Note: According to Wikipedia, actuarial science is the discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in the insurance and finance industries. Does it add up in a personal? Does one get credit by showing your work? Besides whatever happened to multiple choice?

Actuarial Model - 28 w4m (Philadelphia)
I've decided after 28 years that in order to be more accurate in my dating selections…I'm switching over to an actuarial model…apparently my judgments have not served me oh so amazingly…perhaps more success will follow after putting people into the snarky equation below:

Best Date/Person Everever
= [Listen to This American Life or at least don't think it's lame (+127)- and that's right I'm using this as my y-intercept] + (.096 X the # of sarcastic comments you make in a given day) + (.098 X # of indie or other music concerts attended this year)– (1.86 X # of pretentious statements- note the minus…I'm going for sarcasm and interest in music w/o pretentiousness) + (.096 X # art museums/galleries you've been to this year or are willing to attend in a given year) + (2.80 X verbal ability- as in you can have a conversation with other people awkwardly or not and it's enjoyable) + (.07 X # of shopping trips to TJ's or Whole Foods- or tolerance for a vegetarian who likes to shop at these stores) – (230.00 X your republican love- yeah you like them and your screwed in this equation unfortunately…sorry) + (1.05 X # of idealistic however not na├»ve thoughts you have in a day- your sarcastic, but still have a soul…care about the world…etc.) – (1.4 X # of times you've thought "I hate the color blue") + (1.4 X bike love)

Okay think that's it…this model is a work in progress so we'll see…if your near my age that's probably better....also pictures are appreciated (I'll send one in return).....me: brown hair, green eyes, 5'5', thin/athletic (climb & run)…doctoral student....just put way too much time into writing an ad………

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