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Editor's Note: Love or hate yelp, it is the "it" site for local business reviews. Remember Yelp's tagline is "Real People, Real Reviews"? On yelp, everyone is a critic. The reviews can be inaccurate and many emphasize telling a story rather stating the facts. Also, its business model exploits a false sense of community for big bucks. . So using yelp system to get dates--4 star idea or just lame? Also, how does one explain the lack of negative comments? (just for the record, please feel free to yelp our site!)

I Gets Great Reviews on YELP! - 39(SF)
See for yourself...


"He could always make me laugh, and he was kind of a neat freak. His apartment was surprisingly well decorated for a guy. I also never saw him drink any liquor or do any drugs. We broke up because I moved to Fremont and he thought that was akin to a long distance relationship." -Krisztina

"His motorcycle only seats one and I thought that was selfish. He suggested I buy my own bike if I wanted to go for a ride and I thought that was a bit patronizing. I stopped seeing him shortly there-after. He was pretty creative in bed tho'"-Tonya

"I meet him volunteering at the Food-Bank. He was driving a forklift and had made a cardboard sign that said 'Driver carries less than $20 change'. He also lifted a pretty heavy box with what seemed like great ease. He admitted later over pizza that he was hoping I was watching. It bothered me the amount of women he'd slept with but he was always nice to me. He didn't care if he made a fool of himself as long as he got me to laugh. He wasn't interested in marriage or kids and I was. I still see him from time to time around the city. He looks exactly like he did six years ago." -Laurel

"He fixed my leaky bathroom faucet which I really appreciated" -Meghan

"He was cool with me having HSV as long as I was honest with him and kept him safe. That was a big deal because other guys treated me like a leper when they found out. He also loved that I had a smaller chest. He'd make me laugh so hard I'd snort. I didn't like the fact that he'd completely ignore the homeless people we'd pass on the street or that he'd refer to them as 'bums'. Great in bed." -Celina

"I only dated him for about a month and we never slept together. He was a good dancer and we liked the same types of music. He had me over for dinner and I was impressed that his bathroom was neat and clean. He attempted to teach me how to play guitar but things kinda just fizzled out" -Natascha

"A big, responsible, kid. He never took anything to seriously, and didn't really let anything bother him. He was a bit of a prankster and wanted to get me involved in a 'caper'. Funny as hell and a great kisser." -Cynthia

"He has a great personality and is very engaging. From what I could tell, he only dated tall, slender brunettes. He's pretty private and doesn't give up much right off. He'll charm your pants right off you if you're not careful but deep down he's a great guy. More tattoos than I prefer." -Jennifer

"I had a lot of fun while I dated him." -Kriste

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