Double Mint

Editor's Note: Attention single ladies in the DC area! The below ad is offering 2 for 1 dumbasses for your dating pleasure or disaster. These "twin brothers from different mothers" are offering you a double date with your choice: "DC area bad boy with money to spare" (pictured holding the cat and possibly stoned at his mind) or Pavel a man with the flair for the finer things in life and rocking a turtle neck. Who wouldn't want two men that hold down a (single) part time job, live in a shit hole apartment and own 1/2 a car. We are willing to bet they even share a bed. Ehew....

Twin brothers from different mothers looking for lovers - 23(DC)
Hey, I'm Pavel (26) and this is me and my brother Samson (21). Yes thats right, when you respond to this message you can get your choice of the charming, educated "Lass with Class" or the DC area badboy with money to spare. I'd like to say that I look forward to meeting some intelligent and wonderful women of substance, but Samson would like me to tell you that he hopes your hot and wants you to send him naked photos. I'd say that between the both of us we probably have a part-time job, a shit hole apartment and at least half of a car. I'm HIV negative and Samson probably is.

Here is some more about us:

Pavel: I'm college educated and very book smart. My ideal woman is educated and classy with a flare for gourmet cooking and hopefully an interest in architecture. I'd say an ideal date would be you and I meet up at a local coffee shop and get to know each other a bit. Afterwards we would head over to DC and spend the evening browsing some of the art museums. After a great evening of fine art and conversation in DC, I'd stop by the local grocery store and pick up some groceries, take you to my apartment and cook you a wonderful dinner. Finish up with a great architectural documentary and a glass of red wine. If this sounds like something that you would enjoy then you and I need to meet.

Samson: Finally I get to say some shit! I just wanna say that I got money comin outta everywhere. Its in my shirt my pants my hat and in my bathtub. Im ready to get drunk and party with some hot ass girls. When Im not partying I'm straight making beats and working on my next rap album. I don't have much to say yo so just show me your pic and *maybe* I'll get back at ya if I like wat i see!

*Put twin brothers as the title so we will know you are as real as we are.

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