Cougar Confessions

Editor's Note: According to the experts at College Humor, "cougars" are the new MILF. Sorry moms, the huntresses and it is boy toys manifestations are new women empowerment dating phenomena. We suggest this whole cougar thing can be traced back to such films, The Graduate, Sunset Boulevard , American Pie, and many others. Regardless, this whole cougar thing is hot thus we are seeing it pop up as niche dating sites, like Cougared and Urban Cougar, as well as personal ads. Also, there is even an ehow article on how to use cougar dating sites. In true form, we bring you some of the better ones. Enjoy, cat, kittens, cubs, and bears, etc.

Easily Drunk, Garrulous Female-41 w4m (London)

Easily drunk, garrulous female, aged 41, prone to molesting the teenage sons of suburban dinner party hosts and crying over the petit fours. Thus, there’s usually an atmosphere of dread when I show up at a party. Not so the next one, when you accompany me as both my chap·er·one and my designated driver. I would love to meet sober expert in public apologies and not over 50.

Cougar Needed-20 m4w (Philadelphia)
Cougar Needed to fund the lives of a male and female. Must love batman, keystone light and blackingout.

Finally, check out Current TV's Report on the 2009 Single Cougars Convention (Slightly NSFW images and language)

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