Asperger Syndrome Guy Don't Call Him EMO

Editor's Note: Somebody needs a happy meal!! Asperger Syndrome Guy, a virgin, wants to share a happy meal with a special someone. His history is a bit rough: sick mother, abusive father, and he even suffered a stroke at the young age of 25. But please don't call him EMO! Final note, we chose not to include the photos because of their graphic and gross nature. Trust us, the boy look busted up.
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Asperger Syndrome Guy - 25 (San Francisco)
So i figure this is my last shot at posting, I have posted here so many times but only guys reply to this and im sick of it. Anyways im 25 years old i have asperger syndrome, and im a very depressed unhappy guy ill be flat out honest with you right there.

I have many reasons for being so but one of the big ones is my mom had heart surgery a year ago and suffered a stroke and is now disabled thats one of the reasons why im very depressed. I have had asperger syndrome my whole life and suffered for it got picked on and teased my entire school years. I had an abusive father theres so much and to sum it all up basically im a 25 year old virgin who wants out and who wants a woman to be with i cant handle being in my situation anymore. Id appreciate it if someone would kind enough to help me.

Ive dealt with so much shit from people that i have just had it. Im ready to just explode in their face. Dont catagorize me as Emo just because i have asperger syndrome and am depressed. I have been in 5150 lockdowns many times and have been there for attempting suicide.

Reason for the second picture is because i drank a bottle of wild turky blacked out and broke my front tooth 2 years ago. Im tired of women ignoring me and not taking me seriously. Im tired of not getting what it is that i want. I worked hard all these years to get my way. All i ask from you woman is some mother fucking respect. And just because i have been in lockdown it does not mean you have to fear me and stereo type me as a criminal.

I think its a majority of you that create criminals, rapists, murderers, and thieves with your attitudes and mentallity you guys think you have seen it all you guys aint seen shit in life. All of you spoiled cunts and assholes that live in surburbia think that lifes about cranking up your crappy rap and hip hop music and shaking your ass in clubs. Wrong its not. Come down to the ghetto and experience real life its not about A subway sandwhich or a macdonalds happy meal grow the f@ck up....

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