Don't Try This At Home

Editor's note: Blah, excuse, excuse. We have been a bit lax of late with posting but we are back in 2010. Trust us the bad and stupid ads haven't gone anywhere. To prove our point, the below ad reminds one of ever popular Myth Buster's or even MacGyver. Duct tape might be a turn on for this one, ladies.
Drunk, Drugged and Deluded-38-M4W (London)
Summarily ejected from the college extension course entitled ‘How to Build a Better Girlfriend’, thanks to turning up with the Ikea catalogue, allen keys, amyl nitrate, a blowtorch, a blow-up doll, a picture of the Queen Mummy and a gallon of vodka.

I find myself standing here with singed eyebrows and my face covered with bits of latex, the fact I am unable to sit perhaps connected with the disappearance of those damn allen keys. Or maybe the blowtorch.

Will you be my girlfriend? Drunk, drugged and deluded M, 38, covered in fragments of burnt latex with allen keys stuck up his arse. Or perhaps its a blowtorch.

“I reject your reality and substitute my own.”-Mythbuster's Adam Savage

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