Michael Jackson Death Themed Personal Ads

**Editor's Note: Over the years, SPA has collected personal ads and dating profiles themed on current events: Wall Street, Pig Flu, or Natural Disasters. The below collection capitalizes on the sudden death of Michael Jackson. One single is trading sexual favors for Jackson's memorial service tickets. Please note only the "outgoing and busty" should apply. Another is simply comparing drug addictions. Lastly, a single trying to "pay tribute in a new interesting way."**

1 extra ticket for that special someone to join me to Michael Jacksons Memorial Services. You be willing to join me Monday nite and be open to adult fun then join me Tuesday morning to the Memorial Services at Staples Center. You must be outgoing and busty. Send photo for quick reply.


Well at least I'm not a diprivan addict - 42 M4W(SF)
Wow, Michael Jackson has really raised the bar on drug depravity. I mean this is the stuff we use in the hospital to keep people in comas for weeks on end. What are parents supposed to tell their kids now? "Come on dad, give me a break. Michael Jackson was a diprivan addict and he was beloved by millions the world over, what's a little [insert drug of choice here]?"

Me, I'm more moderate in my appetites. If you too are moderate in your appetites, and enjoy other music in addition to the music of Michael Jackson, maybe we should go out.

Please no diprivan addicts. (I mean really Michael, diprivan? Really?)

Tribute to Michael Jackson - 28 M4W (Boston)
Ladies, I am searching to live out a fantasy, I would like to make hot passionate love set to the background music of the late great Michael Jackson. If you are a fan and would like to pay tribute in a new interesting way send me a message.

PS. Our favorite Jackson song! Celebrate the music. RIP.


Anonymous said...

BJ's for MJ?

So-lo said...

I love that the top ad made it into a story on movie line: http://www.movieline.com/2009/07/the-morning-in-michael-craigslist-propositions-tree-apparitions.php

Great job SPA team!!

So-lo said...

Welcome Are You Fucking Serious readers as well. Stay awhile comment. http://rufingserious.com/2009/07/07/a-new-low-for-society/