**Editor's Note: Everyone does something they regret in their careers--telemarketing, temping, etc. The smart prick below appears to be getting shafted by the ladies because of his moon-lighting escapades into the adult entertainment industries. This ad isn't the best way to get a head in the dating game.
EX ADULT FILM STAR now leading a normal life-m4w (SF)
OK, I'm tired about lying about my past. Yes I WAS in the adult entertainment industry for a few years. So, I'm just putting it out there and not even thinking that anyone will respond but hoping to meet a cool understanding girl that will be sympathetic to my story and understanding of my past. I'm only 34 years old and very fit, very healthy, regularly tested and very very clean. Let me just state that upfront. Actually, you'd be surprised at how 'clean' most porn actors are because regular testing is mandated and it's highly regulated.

Anyway, with that said let me say that my ex porn career is not something that I'm very proud of. I wish it wasn't part of my past but it is. I got into it at a vulnerable wayward time in my life where I wanted to make quick money and easy cash doing something I loved.

After performing in the industry for just over 4 years I decided I had had enough. I wanted something more 'normal' I guess. Besides, the business part of the adult film industry wasn't very fun for me. So, I'm hoping to hook up with a girl here that wouldn't hold my past against me. A girl with a heart but also with a freaky fun side that I can explore. While I'm out of the industry I'm still HIGHLY sexual and need to feed my hunger for intense playtime. Please be attractive and well groomed. There's no need for you to look like a porn star or act like one. I like nice girls who can get naughty and can appreciate a guy that is very well endowed.

Oh, by the way I'm 6'1 190 with mixed green eyes. I'm Caucasian and I live in the Bay area now with a very good 'normal' job.

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