Sesame Street Hookup?

**Editor's Note:: According to Urban Dictionary, the term Bert & Ernie can refer to the following: "derogatory term for two gay males" or "two males who live together and often sleep in the same bed in a neighborhood where giant canaries, coke fiend mastadons, cookie enthusiasts, vampires with a fettish for numbers.." We are glad the poster clarified that he was "definitely not gay".
Bert and Ernie - 34 m4w (SF)
Ok, I know this sounds strange, but I have a 'Burt and Ernie' fetish. I am definitely not gay ,so I need a woman to fill one of the rolls. Typically, I am Bert. For some reason I just relate to Bert more. But to be fair I would be willing to be Ernie sometimes. And this is not just a sexual thing. We could go to the beach as B&E, dinner... what ever you like. I am serious with this so please don't poke fun.

So, if your down for some groovy B&E times, get back to me with a picture.

Take care. :)

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