Hamdemic: Pig Flu Themed Personals II

**Editor's Note: Bacon's Revenge aka Pig Flu continues to capture world-wide news headlines. Current events make great attention catchers in the world of Internet dating. Our last post, One flu East, One flu West, featured ads containing references to this worldwide outbreak. Today our lovely editors catch even more pig flu mania on the web. **
Ok, ok, it's just a bunch of teenagers in Sacto with high temps. But still. A boy can dream about zombie hordes, awesome martial arts moves and hot steamy post-apoc sex, right?

Holla if you've got a sawed-off and some crazy-ass OSHA gear. Or just want to have a drink with someone whose brains haven't been eaten.

HEEEELPPPPP!! Do you have Swine Flu? KISS ME!!! (SF)
Ok, so I am failing my physics class, and I have a final in 2weeks!!!! I asked my teacher if there was anything I could do. He looked at me and said, "the only thing that could save you now is if you get swine flu".

"Really?" I said.

"Yes" he said

So, I need a woman to kiss meeeeee!!! At this point, even a guy would work for me... just someone!!!!!

It's the only way I can pass physics.


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