Art-ificial Intelligence

**Editor's Note: Transexual Abominable Snowman Aims To Save Endangered Photoshopped Species & Find Soulmate? If the crotch fruit of Micheal Jackson and M.I.A. were looking for love, the ad might go something like the one featured below. Also note, the below image crafted by a 32-year-old man is unaltered by us.--(we only wish we were this good but we only have 10 toes.) **click to make larger at your own risk**

Must Still Be A Child Inside m4w m4 (anybody fun) - 32 (SF)
SO! When you reply or respond I ask that you
show me the why of your wry musical grooves, dance shoes, and artistic appetite
show me the who of your you through small pleasures and simple desires
show me the when of your zen
show me the what of your cut of spunk and charm
show me the how of your POW! wordplay
show me the WOW of your now universe
show me YOU
and as in that Bjork song
chase me like, “This is it!”

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This first picture is self-explanatory, except maybe for the frozen wasteland behind me and how I managed to walk on water. *giggle*

Check out Current TV's InfoMania's Sneak Peak of Michael Jackson's Auction. (NSFW language)


Anonymous said...

If a transvestite goes missing... would you put their face on a carton of Half and Half?

Miss Edukat said...

What does the normal 12 mean?

So-lo said...

Hipsters are the new polar bears