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Super Villian seeks Woman to Spawn Demons - 42-m4w (Minneapolis)
My long term goal is global domination, my short term goal is to find a bad midwestern girl who can cook a tater tot hot dish. Yes, a bad girl, because good girls won’t do anything fun, or know how to.

She must be the worst bitch in any room. She is the one who starts all the drama. She always picks the fight and gets you kicked out before closing time. She has not just one but many monkeys on her back. She swears like a sailor. She makes most men run in fear. She should know how to talk her way out of a speeding ticket, and know how to treat a bullet wound.

She is going through a “Life Transition” and doesn’t know what she wants. She has told everyone but her husband that she is getting divorced. She is dependant in every way. Crazy enough to drive me away, sexy enough to draw me back.

If you are real, tell me something and send a pic, everything else gets ignored like spam. If you are a woman and you're the one creating all of this spam, you may be the one for me.
Editor's Note: Check out What Super Villain are You? Quiz. *image source: giantmonster.com

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So-lo said...

I am Magneto, the X-Men's villain. Sweet.