Living in a Barbie World

F@ck Barbie! - 52 m4w(SF)
I'll make you a bet. Any amount. I bet that in your entire life, you have NEVER heard a man describe a woman as a Barbie.

Men don't use the Barbie metaphor. Men don't understand the Barbie metaphor. Men didn't play with dolls, so they don't know why the hyper-sexualized Barbie doll is so different from other dolls - to men, they're all just dolls, and they're not interested.

But men do know a few things about Barbie - they know that all girls either had Barbies or wanted Barbies. They know that Barbie was invented by a woman, and that women have almost exclusively marketed and controlled the Barbie image. And they know that somewhere along the way, for some women, Barbie turns into a demonic symbol.

YOU may think that Barbie is a symbol of what women hate in themselves - but the way men hear the Barbie metaphor is this: a woman who talks about Barbies is NEVER talking about herself, and she’s not really talking about other women she perceives as different or inferior; she’s criticizing MEN. She’s vastly insecure, has a really bad body image, and wants to blame a man for it. Women using the Barbie metaphor should realize that all they are doing is putting up a huge red flag that might as well be emblazoned "Man-Hater!"

Every man I know will click away from a personal ad that uses the Barbie metaphor as fast as his finger can twitch. I know lots of men - like me - who prefer larger women. We don't need you to tell us that you're not Barbie. We don't give a sh@t about Barbie - but we do give a sh@t if you hate yourself, and especially if you want to scapegoat a man who finds you attractive for the fact that you don't find yourself attractive. We go away, because we don't need the grief.

Yeah, we know that there are male assholes out there who only want submissive tiny Asian women with giant tits who can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch and whose miniscule dimensions are the only hope they could ever have of their dicks looking big. We think they're assholes, too, but we're not them and we're not going to put up with being blamed for their existence.

So, Midge, get a clue. Drop the Barbie sh@t already!

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