Jerk Alert

Big Ugly Jerk lookin for Some Fun - 37 (Orange County)
Gettin tired of mediocre women giving me the brushoff, so no more mister nice guy. I'm now an asshole. We all know that ladies love guys who act like assholes.

Well, here I am!

I ride a harley. I'll fight your ex. I drink too much sometimes. I am really good in bed, but I won't spend the night. I'll tell you when you're being a bitch or being stupid (most of the women in SoCal) and I won't play any games.

I don't want kids, and don't want anything to do with women with kids. I don't like fat chicks unless you carry it really well. Please have an edge of some sort...not just generic, think too highly of yourself, typical OC.

oh, and NO FAKE TITS!

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