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Adult Breastfeeding Relationship - 29 (Wichita)
I would like an Adult Breastfeeding Relationship. This means that I would either come to your place, or you'd come to mine, on a fairly regular basis and I'd suckle. This relationship would not have to include sex. It should be a friendly relationship and if more grows from it, then fine, but initially, all I'm looking for is an Adult Breastfeeding Relationship.

So, what's the point of doing this? Well, for one, your breasts will get larger. For another, it tends to be very enjoyable for both people participating. It can be a very loving act, versus sex, which can leave you feeling empty afterwards. Adult Breastfeeding usually involves hugging, cuddling, and just an overall loving feeling.

You do not have to be lactating to respond. Any woman is capable of lactation, but you do not have to be lactating to respond. It may even be, that actually producing milk isn't your goal. There are many reasons to have this sort of relationship, and everyone's reasons are different. So, I really do welcome all those who may be interested to reply.

I imagine that I'd suckle for at least a few hours a day. I've been known to suckle for up to 5 hours at a time. If you want actual growth, what I'd do is suckle for about 20-40 minutes on each breast, then wait awhile and then continue. I'd repeat this everyday, so you'd begin lactation and your breasts would begin to grow. Women can expect, up to, a full cup-size of growth. However, growth my not be the motivation for all women. Often times it's just an intimate experience.

Please be disease free; I am. I'm not really concerned about weight. Please be of legal age. I'm not looking to break-up anyone's relationship, so please be available. Be aware that drugs, nicotine, alcohol, antibiotics, or over-the-counter medications can be transmitted through the breast, so please do not reply if you are taking these substances. I don't want to be dosed with anything and I want this to be a safe experience. I know this will be a loving and enjoyable experience for both of us.

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