All women are WRORES!! ALL men are PIGS!!! - 28-m4w(Philadelphia)
Title says it all. I have been the nice guy for too long. You want prince charming, then take a hike. Been there and tried that and got burnt.

I was left for an asshole by a whore. So I assume thats what women want. Im not going to put on a three act play for you ladies or am I trying to play 18 holes of golf. Im going to tell you like it is....just call me MR. ASSHOLE.

You want me to tell you that your pretty/sexy/hot....well Im not (unless you are). You want the asshole my X went with, I can be the biggest asshole in the world, treat you like real shit. I'll spit in your face and kick dirt in your face after I kick you to the ground.

You want me to open the car door for you? I will so I can close it on your head. Think your going to change me your wrong. You may think I am out of my mind, Well, I am.

So if any ladies would like to meet for drinks that would be cool. Lets do it and see what the night brings. You girls buy and I call you degrading and dirty names. I think you will love it. I will make you feel worthless. I can guarantee I will make you feel like such shit, your pants will be around your ankles by midnight. And if you think otherwise, go f@ck yourself ladies. Because if you think I am going to f@ck you, your are going to have to get on the knees and beg for it first. And while you are on your knees, you are going to take care of something else first.

I have pics if you would like, please provide yours. I would prefer ladies under 35. Conshohocken, Manayunk, are very close, but dont mind driving to the city.. Hope to hear from someone! If I don't, then its your loss. - your pic gets mine 28 years old 165 lbs athletic and attractive.


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