Kinda of a Big Deal

Date an Actor-m4w(NYC)
Okay so I'm a pretty normal guy. I'm 36 and quite honestly look 30. I work in film, and have personaly cracked a fart on Madonna's couch. I'm in NYC to live, have 3 apartments, 1 in bronx, 1 in queens and in Manhattan in Trump towers.

It's very simple.
  • You are hot.
  • Age is irrelevant.
  • You are not a retard.
  • You are not Paris Hilton.
Past girlfriends have included:
I dress like a bum in sandals, shorts and budweiser t-shirts and just blew over $150,000 on my MacCintosh stereo system. If you don't know what that is, don't answer my ad.

I have a driver, we cruise in a 2009 Cadillac Escalade.

You can look forward to nights going to any club you wish to go to, I do not wait in lines, my driver calls ahead. Be ready for very annoying papparazi.

I am not looking for sex, I get enough of that. I am not looking for drugs, I do enough of them.

Send me a picture and if I'm interested, I might call.

This is really not a joke.

It's that simple.

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