Jerk in the Box

Editor's Note: Many apologies for the strange and uneven postings. Blogger, now, appears to be working correctly. We would like to start off post V-day with a personal ad from the Big Easy. This jerk in the box is NOT required to speak intelligently but he must list some very specific requirements.
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YOU MUST BE AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN TO BE CONSIDERED! If my direct attitude bothers you, feel free to hit the back arrow right up there at the top of the browser.

That said, I'm only interested in one thing and it ain't the movies. I like couch time as much as the next guy, but I'm in need of a girl that wants to hit the club, take a couple of shots, dance a while, and then get ready for the pain! But no, you will not get that on the first outing; I'm too picky for that.

Race is of no concern nor age, but I would prefer an independent woman with a dark complexion in her mid-twenties to mid-thirties. NO BLONDES. No immature myspace cheesballs, I need to be attracted to your personality not just your body. Speaking of, it should be around 5'8", very CURVY, especially the BOTTOM HALF and NOT CHUNKY in the middle. Be very comfortable in your skin, You will find yourself wearing only that quite often!

All applicants will be considered, though I ONLY TAKE ONE WOMAN AT A TIME, and no I am not a male whore, just in search of something very elusive.

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