A Fine Line

Editor's Note: Being single and straight in San Francisco is not easy. In this case, the personal ad poster must define what a woman is in this case, "without a penis". This poster is looking for someone that acts "white" who would not mind riding in his "85 Cadillac Fleetwood with hydraulics". We are still a little unsure what the title is in reference to. Thoughts?
Getting my Ass f@cked and I Don't Like It-19-m4w (San Francisco)
im lookin for a girl(without a penis) who i could see myself with for a fair amout of time in my life. im prefferably lookin for a skinny girl (a lil thick is fine too) who is above 5' and below 6'2". any girl who's above or below that belongs with the circus.

i want a girl with a sense of humor, one who laughs at my jokes even though there not funny and who likes there man to be aggressive and actually take bein called a bitch or a cunt as a joke and not throw a lil fit about it.

i dont care wat race u are as long as u act white. i prefer a woman between the ages of 17 and 35. other than that, i just have to see u for myself and by the end of the day, decide whether i find u to be real or not.

about me:
im 6' 3" 177lbs. white. skinny. brown hair. 6.8 inches (penis). i have 3 jobs and make a pretty decent salary. my only hobby is lowriding. i drive an 85 cadillac fleetwood with hydraulics. i change my attitude pretty frequently. sometimes ill be very outgoing and loud and other times ill be very calm and chill. but im always very easy to get along with.

im willing to exchange myspace's and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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