Redneck Courting

fail owned pwned pictures
I Want a Woman with 8 Children-m4w-(Sacramento)
ALL from different fathers. She should be on welfare and always broke and looking for a hand out.I like it when she smoke too. When u kiss her it tastes like ash try and it is better to spend $5 a day on cigs rather spending it on the kids for food and clothes.She should be self centered and think that the world owes here something.

Also I like it when they r extremely over weight and sit on the couch all day eating and refuse to clean house or take care of the kids or bathe on a regular basis.I also like it when she is willing to to cheat on me when i am at work with the neighbor who is also on welfare, that way she is not in the mood for me when i get home.

if this sounds like u the hit me up girl.I wanna get with u!

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