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I Can Beat Up Most Girls - 34-m4w (Houston)
There are some girls who are pretty strong, I'll tell you that, but among most girls, I carry my own weight. Usually, like if a girl is my height and weight and she walks by, I say to myself, "yea, I could kick her ass." I just know it. Call it confidence - whatever.

I am generally pretty good at knowing which girl I could beat up and which I could not. And I can beat up girls who are taller than me too. It's not about size, its about confidence. In a fight, you just have to let go and not give into fear.

My friends know this about me and I would say it earns me a degree of respect, but some people say, "what about female boxers? Like Ali's daughter?" And my response to that is, "if I put a roll of quarters in my fist and punch her in the gut, fight-OVER. Any questions?" And honestly, if I don't have quarters I would just grab a rock, whatever it takes. I am not afraid of challenge.

And I laugh at petite girls. So small and thin. I could smash them so easily. Who are they kidding? Do they really think they stand a chance in a fight against me? Don't even try.

There are some girls who I would not mess with, like Xena, but its rare that I see her anymore. And if I encounter someone like that on the streets I would rely on my mind to convince her to leave me alone.

My point is that I don't walk the streets afraid of [most] girls. So you should know that if you date me, there won't be any problems in that department.

I know that this ad will get a LOT of responses - so please do your best to tell me why I should even consider you and I why I should not kick your ass if we meet.

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