Everyone <3's Vanilla

I'm the Harvard of mediocrity... - 29 m4w (Sacramento)
So, you’ve decided to settle for a CL love. Good for you! No doubt countless years of bars and clubs have left you bitter and cynical; with an ingrained hatred of the male species and their pathetic ways, and a slight interest in swinging for the other team. But your attempt to still “give it another go” shows a great deal of personal growth and strength on your part. That can be a bitch, can’t it?

But I digress… Ladies, as veterans of the dating scene, you’ve probably seen it all. The playas and the losers. The jerks and the wimps. The ballers and the cheap-skates. But what do these guys all have in common? Well, I’ll tell ya…they’re all extremes! They either make you feel too ugly or too beautiful. Too dumb or too smart. Too smothered or too abandoned. And who wants to feel like that when you’re trying to find that special someone!

Well, I’m presenting you with the opportunity of a lifetime! I’ll be the perfect average guy for you! I’m average height, weight, and looks (who really wants to walk around with a troll or a supermodel! All they do is make you feel too good or bad about yourself). But that’s not all! I’m also of adequate intelligence, live in a typical neighborhood, and can shower you with an appropriate level of love and affection - that is, if you deserve it. Perhaps we can catch a so-so movie and enjoy a garden-variety meal? Or maybe go get some coffee while we engage in standard conversation and reference a few mundane topics while doing so?

Just imagine walking arm in arm down the street with me…you’ll have the other women thinking, “What a perfectly average couple! Why can’t I be that sufficient!”

So stop feeling too skinny or too fat, because you look just fine! And you’ll look even better with me! (though not too much better, I’m going for an average thing here). So, make your average dreams come true!

After all, everyone loves vanilla…

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