Dumpster Bunny for Scrooge McDuck

ATTN: Dumpsterers - 22-W4M (New Hooverville)
or possibly sugar daddies. I'm broke and hungry.

With the economy spiraling down the shitter, I'm sure I'm not the only person with no job, nothing of value left to sell, and a bank account in the single digits.

I'd be in much better shape if I knew where to freaking dumpster in this town. Is it even possible? I've scoped out several grocery stores with no luck. Help!

Conversely, are you laughing heartily at Wall Street panic as you swim in a pool of gold coin like Scrooge McDuck? Buying me a falafel is probably tax-deductible. Let's find out!

Oh hell...I'm just...really hungry.

And I'm super cute and awesome, I swear.
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