13 Awful Personal Ad Photos

Editor's Note: A picture is worth what again? We often collect weird and sometimes disturbing images and photos from various personal ads and online dating sources. We find the cheaper the ad posting or listing costs, the worse the ad photos become. Note all of this images were collected from REAL personal ads--individuals attempted to attract mates with these. Thus we are proud to present the following: The Worst Personal Ad Photos and Images Collection.

Yogi Poodle
Photos of you doing something athletic does not overshadow the fact you could stand to do a few crunches. Plus, I think there is something on your shoe.

Area man finds creative way of telling parents that he is a "fudge packer"? (thanks roofless)

RV & Me
The next time you are thinking it would be a good idea to post your vacation pictures - slam your hand in a door till you stop thinking that. P.S. baseball caps spell "bald."

Do you have any other condition qualifying as “an eating disorder”?

When asked what would be a comfortable place to meet, "my bedroom" is not a good answer. PS. nice rack!

VH1 Tape
This has the makings of a bad VH1 reality show where people stick things down their pants for money.

Smoking Banana Peels
According to Urban Dictionary, banana peeling is "taking a young boy's virginity; the male equivalent of cherry popping". At least we have perspective on the size of your head.

Conjugal Visits Optional
Convictions include: aggravated assault, arson, and malicious mischief. Conjugal visits could be optional. P.S. The Smoking Gun wants its content back.

State Puff Marshfellow
"I am fun and so is my body" is maybe not the best way to describe your personality and physique.
Once Bitten Twice Shy
"I Lost Me to Meth"? or Twilight Twinkie?

The 'Axe effect' gone horribly wrong! I just wish people would just stick to the Missionary position.

Maybe a line about being "420 friendly" or "an avid gardener" would work slightly better.

Your kid did what? Seeking a skinny blue skin chick that is into MS Paint cards.

To Catch A Predator
Guys who pose for photos with muscle cars should not be older than sixteen and not using a playground as a back drop. BTW you stay classy with your double finger birds, floral shirt, and superimposed thought bubble.

Lights & Camera


Anonymous said...

Pulling the boxers above the navel? I might actually watch that VH1 show.

Anonymous said...

Wonka Vision

So-lo said...

Good Point! Maybe I could make some $$ off people sticking crap in their boxers. I might be able to get FOX into it. hmmm, brilliant.