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Editor's Note: This ad was found in the "women seeking men" section, however, about half way through this lonely heart starts addressing the ladies-complete with the "skills of a stripper." She then describes her love making as "something a little better than a meth/ectasy experience". Confused? Answer this one at your own risk.
Physcho Stalker Girlfriend Needs A Boyfriend or GF - 20-W4M (NYC)
I like to go in my room, turn off all the lights, and listen to the song "Kim" by Eminem.

Every man I have loved. I have loved deeply. My thoughts were consumed by them. I gave them absurd amounts of gifts, made all of their sexual fantasies come true, starved myself for the ones that were obsessed with size O girls and got a boob job for the ones that wanted the plastic playboy playmate.

Every time they called I would go running to them. No questions asked. They cheated on me, were in love with other girls, and stopped calling me eventually. So now I'm psychotic. I cut myself because I bleed for these men. I hope they can see my pain. I let drug dealers dope me out with all kinds of drugs and do whatever they want to me because I don't care anymore.

I am looking for a man that wants nothing more than a girlfriend. That hearts girls with issues. If u like drinking liquor till you're out cold.. we would get along. I am a highly successful person that is a workaholic and driven to go past success into greatness. I am just dying and sad inside. I need someone that likes that.

To all the ladies... I am into women too. I'm smoother than a man, with the sex appeal and skills of a stripper and private party master. I'll treat you to every dream you have ever had since you were a little girl. I'll lick you better than a man into something a little better than a meth/ectasy experience. I am extremely feminine but I will take you in bed girl.

With love,

The crazy girl that will do her best to change your life.

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