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Not Another Stupid Guy Ad - 44-M4W
OMG Yes it is another stupid guy ad. Since my intelligience level is about one over plant life I simply will not learn. I have posted on here before and you have read these before (admit it) so why am I back?

Glutten for punishment? Sadist?

No no and no - - I would really like to meet a woman in which we are both atrracted to one another yet do not desire an immediate surgical connection at the hip.

Do you need a man 24/7?
please look elsewhere

Are you seeking a second income?
please look elsewhere

Have you been divorced more than twice?
please look elsewhere

Are you unemployed?
please look elsewhere

Do you have children under the age of ten or want more children?
you guessed it

Is your idea of great sex just being there?
definately move on

Do you use sex as a weapon or a way to get even?

Is the last thing you read the tv guide?

Have your last three dinners included something fried?

Do you live with someone other than your children?
gotta go

you get the idea now right?

I have talked to or been out with each of the above women in the past and I am not interested. Notice not once did I mention a body type or hair color or bra size... ... that doesn't matter as much as what kind of person you are and what it is you are truly seeking.

I am in a really good place in life and will not allow excessive drama or anger or various other B.S. to interfere with that. If you are also in a good place in life you already know what I am talking about, if you are not in that place and fall into one of the above catagories I am sure you are very angry at me right now.

Want to get to know a real man with hopes, dreams, wants, needs, desires, and love to give?

Write me..........................

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