Pillage BEFORE you Burn

Up for Ransacking Some Small Villages? - 27 (Boston)
This is no innuendo. I literally want to pillage some thatched-roof cottages and set them on fire. I guess I should explain...

First of all, I am a distant relation to Gargamel. On a side note I personally keep my hair in a matted mess and wear the ears of my enemies around my neck. I don't go anywhere without my battle-axe, even when I sleep, because 90% of surprise attacks happen close to home, you know.

My interests are; pillaging, charming mealy-haired women into my cool kart, and making drums out of skin. A frequent grunter, I only drink grog or mead with my meals. Oh, and I'm in touch with my feminine side.

Send me an email. Include a photo. I'll send one back

. We just love the Techno Viking:


Brunocerous said...

this blog is genius. i think i mentioned that already, but just in case!

So-lo said...

Thanks Brunocerous! You were there when this little project began. I just wish we had more active readership. Hell, even a troll would be slightly entertaining. I guess I should address the masses of lurkers but no talkers. Oh well, stalk on people, stalk on!