Chemically Incovienenced Posting

Editor's Note: Over the past five years, researchers have studied the "Beer Goggle Effect. These brilliant minds created and tested formulas to calculate how "beer goggles" affect a drinker's vision. Others tested fruit flies and found that daily doses of alcohol caused changes in sexual behavior.

Over the years, we discovered that late night dating personal
posts, mostly on Friday and Saturday night, often yield incoherent ramblings from many slushed minds. We plan to write a grant to study this new art form, after all Bausch & Lomb paid for people to figure out the beer goggle formula! Although, posting drunk is never a good idea, we do reap the rewards of finding such beauties, its all about content.

We say to this poster," yyoouu''ll ffeeeell bbeetteerr iinn tthhee mmorrnniinngg!!" (well maybe)

I'm too drunk to think up a title. - 23 (Sacramento)
Come to think of it, I'm too drunk to think what to write, and I still have better grammar than every one else. Ha ha, suckers. I forgot what the f@ck I was doing. Hang on Imma have another drink while I figure it out.

Oh shit, I think I'm off to a bad start here, but I don't care. I could think more clearly if I smoked a joint. I gotta score some weed tonight.

Wait, disregard the rest of that crap I just wrote, Imma looking for a long term relationship (yes I spelled it out) with a girl who smokes weed. There I said it. Ha ha ha. Time to pass out now...

Editor's Note: Enjoy The Ultimate Drunks Compilation complete with a beer drinking song.

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