One Eye, Half a Torso, & Whole Lot of Heart

My Dead Girlfriend is Cuter than your Dead Girlfriend. - 29-m4w (San Francisco)
You heard me. I said it. Your date looks like shit.

My girl is the best. I found her trapped under rubble in the decontamination zone on Masonic. She attacked at first, but after chopping of her legs and bashing out her teeth - we've never been apart.

Notice her swollen neck and the lacerations on her arms. Those aren't from me. I could never hurt my little angel here. The night's she toss & turn all night to be near me. The constant affection.

The black trail of afterbirth following behind? That's something we're working on. I love her little torn argyle sweater. I hope she worked at Banana Republic. Those bitches never talked to me - but now I have my own...little...cutie. So yeah - she’s much better looking than your ugly ass girlfriend.

That’s what I want to tell people at my upcoming zombie Christmas party.

I Need a Date.

Editor's Note: This poster should check out Zombie Harmony, a free dating site for zombies. What would the consensus be on dating Zombies? Dead sexy or Dead Wrong? One might think twice before accepting any dinner invitations, that's for sure!

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