Electile Dysfunctions

Editor's Note: It's an historic election, no? On the one hand, by the end of tomorrow evening, we could have elected our first black president, and on the other, our first female vice president. In honor of this historical election day, we give you a collection of politically themed ads--for better or worse.
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Celebrate your vote for Obama by letting me squeeze your boobs! - 27 (San Franciso)
Hey ladies!!

My pal has gotten a really good response to his post about making out with an obama-voting cutie, so I decided to see if any Obama supporters/celebrators would like to get their melons squeezed!

Just tell me where you'll be voting, and about what time, and I'll wait for you.
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I will sell my vote to Obama for P#$ssy - 37 (NYC)

Are you willing to go to the end of the line for Obama? I don't believe liberals are capable. I will vote for Obama for your p#$ssy for tonite. I will not cheat or lie to you, I will definetly vote for Obama if you f@ck me tonight. You need to be hot young and cute and willing to go to the end of the line for Obama. I will also promote Obama on a radio show tomorrow as well.

I am tall white lean build and a bit angry.
Vote Kevin for Boyfriend in 2008 - 28
My fellow Americans, it is time to form a more perfect union. To no longer go out to parties alone and come home to an empty bed. To help put food on the tables not for one, but for two.

I've laid out a simple plan of dating with a possible cohabitation housing plan to keep people in their homes.

You may wonder what a vote for Kevin as boyfriend will mean, here's where I stand on the issues:

In these tough times some sharing may be required...dinner is on me, dessert is on you.

If anything I'm too damn honest to run for office - I'm working on it.

Health care:
I strongly believe in physical fitness and personal hygiene. A good health goal for both parties is I should be able to pick you up, carry you upstairs and toss you in bed.

Battles should never be entered into lightly, negotiation is always the first recourse. Ultimately all successful battles lead to makeup sex.

For more information or to cast your vote for Kevin as boyfriend please email at the link above.
Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures

PS. Don't forget to vote!

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gillberk said...

The inablility to become aroused over any of the choices for president put forth by either party in the 2008 election year.The political ad traffic for and against these amendments was nearly smothering.The only thing I felt good about voting for was the referendum designed to make it harder to amend the constitution.