Attack of the Personal Ad Headlines

Editor's Note: Dating experts suggest that individuals only have three seconds to impress his or her potential mate thus headlines are extremely important. Experts advise, "it is the first contact with the person...so make it count!"

Bearing that in mind, we read a ton of personal ads and often ad headlines catch our attention. We collect these funny, unique or stupid headlines and titles to share with our readers Then we publish headlines in sad little bundle list, like this one or the one below. As with everything on this site, these are real headlines from real personal ads. Enjoy Stupid Personal Ad Headlines Collection VII!

Men For Women (M4W)

Not Your Typical Porn Star - 29

I'll try not act like Jeffrey Dahmer!

An Alive donkey is far better than a dead doctor (Italy)

And Now Angry Ticks Fire out of My Nipples.

Sugar Free Holistic Daddy Figure!

The universe, as we know it, doesnt revolve around your Butt...(Houston)

Well, is there any LP (Little Person) or Dwarf females on here?

Designer shoe sale 70% off - 40 (PA. NYC)

Man With Hand Puppets Says They Want To Touch Your Boobs! - 39 (San Francisco)

I accidently killed my last date when...23(Philiaphedia)

Women for Men (W4M)

Why The Hell Is The Dog Getting Laid More Than Me?

What do we want?" "Braaaaaaaains!" "No, guys. We're want equal rights for zombies. Let's try this again. What do we want?" "Braaaaaaaains!" *sigh* "

Im Hardcore Stupid- 30

Crucify the insincere or maybe just coffee

Hips Don't Lie But an Ass Sure Will!

You: Prius guy; Me: Not a hooker (redhead in purple fishnets)

Personal Ad Headline Collection V

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