Sh@t Magnet

I'm a Piece of Shit - 19 (Baltimore)
I'm 19 and a bag of shit. I have the attention span of a toddler, I jump from one thing to the other in a second. I'm short and everyone thinks I'm 14.

Every night I end up finding myself jumping on furniture and realize I'm a loon. One of my legs is longer than the other and it messes up all my shit when I run. If it was physically possible for me to tackle myself, I would do it for being such a doofus. I'm a snob and I shit on everyone who isn't as smart as me or listens to bad music. I'm a total douche.

I'm so stupid that if a girl gives tells me her number, I'll write it down wrong and wonder why I when I try to call her some guy named Carl answers the phone. I have a horrible memory and I can't dance.

Seriously, I'm such a bag of shit I feel bad going on dates with girls cause I know afterwards they are going to be like, I just wasted my time with a bag of shit.

I suck.
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