Editor's Note: According to Urban Dictionary, shallowficial is a "term used to describe any individual who manages to simultaneously carry on the traits of shallowness AND superficiality. Someone whose character is marked by an absence of any quality depth while defining what little personality they possess by material or other insubstantial means."
I'm shallow and don't know it? - 28 m4w (San Francisco)
This is kinda random for me but, I guess I'm a little curious who actually reads this stuff.

As I was saying I've been getting the "you're hot and don't know it" quite a bit but the fact of the matter is I really do know it, and that is why I'm writing this shallow ad. I also get the "why don't you have a girlfriend" thing, and again, it's because I'm too shallow to want any in depth relationship.

Anyway I know my personality sucks and I get by on my looks. I get hit on alot and I get the random stare from across the room and I'm telling you this because I'm shallow. I'm a mellow yet creative and energetic guy. I'm really athletic not a gym rat more often than not I'll be surfing or mtn. biking. I can also make you laugh till your smile hurts. I'm rarely serious about anything although I do enjoy sophisticated intelligent conversation, or as intelligent as can be since I've never really developed those areas of my brain.

I guess I need a pretty cool girl to impress me which is why I'm almost always single (I'm shallow) but, please don't hesitate to write I'm definately down to chat and trade photos if you are curious.

But remember, I'll only write back if you look hot.

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