Crazy? Korean? Apply Here - 38 (San Francisco)
I give in. Every time I put myself back into the dating pool, things go swimmingly until some wonderful Korean woman throws herself into the mix. I fall head over heels, then discover she's:

A) Nuts

B) Illogically religious (did I tell you about the Chemistry PhD that was religiously anti-science?)

C) Alcoholic

D) A stalker (did I tell you about the lawyer who sent me the case law on stalking "just in case"?)

E) Full of family baggage (did I tell you about the gal who was ex-communicated from the family for marrying a white guy?).

So, I give in. Bring on the superficial, insular, surgery eyelid, alcohol love/sober hate, controlling/manipulative, rudderless Bush-voting religious fanaticism. Take me, I'm yours.

Why wish for someone loving, stable, insightful, creative and humorous when I can suffer so sweetly?

You normal, loving, women that would love a great, stable, loving provider? Sorry, I guess I'm ruined.

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