Idate + Iwant= Idumped

Editor's Note: Bill O'Reilly, The O'Reilly Factor TV and radio shows, says the iPod is "going to have a staggeringly negative effect" on the United States. We guess this techno wonder not only damages hearing but it can ruin three year relationships.

Wouldn't have been easier to leave the breakup note in the scroll of MySpace page comments? That way, all of their friends can see rather than repeat the story while seeking a new love?

Also, make us wonder about our readers,(we think we have a few) if anyone has broken up with someone over a gift or lack of a gift? Please leave your answers in our comment section. Thanks XXOXX

I do not want another I-pod break-up.- 24 (Austin)
So, I am looking for someone new.

I recently got out of a 3 year relationship that ended over an ipod. I can't believe something so great could be thrown away over an ipod. So, for our three year anniversary I was asked what I wanted and I said I have been dying for an ipod touch and that I would do anything for one. I even said it could be a used one from a pawnshop. I was told by my bf that I was not worth it.

Can you believe that?

I am worth that and a whole lot more. I am 5 4 black hair, green eyes, a great smile, and an amazing personality. I enjoy going out and shooting pool with the boys, or just chillin at someones house. I like movies and live music. I am also way into rollerderby. It is my passion and I skate as many times a week as I can. I am just looking for someone who wants to enjoy me the way I can be enjoyed. I am tired of the past relationships I have been in and I want something new. I am not looking for anyone super rich or super hot.

I want someone who can be who they are around me and be proud of it. I am really fun and easy going. I am not super popular, but I do have quite and entourage. I am a awesome person to know! So anyone interested? If so, please get back to me!

Oh, and I never got my ipod......I am a sad girl, but I am sure I will get over it. Ipods are good, but good company is amazing!

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