Editor's Note: This ichthyological Canadian themed ad came from long time reader, Idyll. Great catch!
Looking for a Fishy Person - 25-m4m (Ottawa)
If you respond to this, we’re definitely going to get along well together. i shower for hours, i feel so filthy. i just have such nasty ideas. i like to fantasize about sealife, seamen, semen, sea bass...anything about water lifestyle.

I usually go out with fisherman looking guys, i put miniature mustaches on them, i make them spank me (its mostly them just slapping my ass with with sea bass for a solid 20 minutes)

On that note, no guys that will say “you smell like fish”. that’s bullshit, woman smell like fish once a month on their period anyway so why are you mentioning it to me.

I’m looking for a guy whose name is closely related in meaning to something of the barnacle variety. i will settle for mike fishers and philip sebastians...i realise this is not going to be easy.

If you drive a car, you must let me sit in the back row and flop around while you drive. i feel safe that way. don’t worry you won’t get a ticket i lay low. Extra points if you drive the jaguars that look like fish. i think they’re e-type models.

Do not EVER cook fish in front of me or i will shoot you with my 44.

If you want to eat fish that’s okay, just the ones that aren’t endangered or mass farmed.

One last thing that might not be cool for most guys and i do understand from your perspective but i have a penis. and it’s huge.

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