Freetard For Cash & Prizes

A free man.-m4w-(Miami)
What, you ask, is the catch.

There is no catch, no hidden gimmick, no money to send. For a chance to win a free man, all you need is a mansion, a yacht, your own plane, a few million in the bank, and a strong sexual desire.

Ok, how do I enter, you are asking.

That is easy. You send your basic info by email to me, I review it, send back an email, we call back and forth, one thing leads to another, we laugh on the phone, it becomes obvious that we are made for each other .. and

You get ME.. a free man.

Soon I will be sitting by your pool, reading your paper, as you serve me coffee, and we plan another day of luxury living..

I don't smoke nor drink. I can juggle three balls, have hundreds of stories to tell, play a yard sale trumpet, and .. I am good with kids. My present job driving a school bus is demanding, it has prepared me for the most difficult fund raising party. When one of your socialite friends ask "is that him", you will proudly say "I got him for FREE". Even the most pampered heiress, can appreciate a good bargain.

With the holiday season fast approaching, what better than to be tripping the light fantastic with a new man.

And .. you got him for FREE..

Enjoy an Andy Dick parody of Matthew Lesko's "Free Money" Program. (Language a bit NSFW.)

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