Douchebaguette Seeks Douchebag Master

Are You a Douchebag? - 28-w4m (Baltimore)

Well then it's your lucky day!!!

I'm looking for a guy that describes himself as "good looking" and then post pictures of himself looking like the supreme douchebag master - typically making a hand sign of some sort while having alcohol-glazed eyes.

Even better, if you post a picture of yourself standing with someone you obviously have or are still fucking. That really piques my interest. Also, if you have a pic posted of yourself leaning up against any douchebag mobiles to include a "sporty" jeep for your four-wheeling on 95, a luxury car you can't really afford, or a white trash sports car I'm all ears. You had me at "I drive a Beamer."

If you are the type of guy whose approach is "looks don't matter " and then asks for a picture even better. I understand that actually translates to you saying "have no expectations cause obviously I live in my parent's basement and live off a diet of cheez whiz; however, you must be a super model because somewhere along the line I got notion that reality doesn't come into this here circle that I exist in."

Married and looking to bring an STD home to the family? I'm your lady!

Looking for a couple of chicks to have a wild fantasy with? I'll get the homeless lady down the street to join and we can party baby!

Just when I gave up on love I found craigslist and an endless supply of available douchebags! Be still my beating heart.
Editor's Notes: The image we picked up from Vegas.com is real. According to our sources, it actually works. Vegas might this posters next stop?.

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