Desperately Seeking EMOesk or Whatever

...IM IN NEED OF EMO ARM CANDY (Philadelphia)
It would be nice if you lived sortta near..

tat's and peircing's go far. Uber FetcH..

Crazy hair do's a must... myspace is a bonus.... first of all, hate to be picky, but I am.. I like girls that are crazy sumwhat... Skinny pants are great, very emo esk?

Name's Abe. If you would like to know me better, just send picture's.

looking to just meet sum1 cool and insain.. very insain is a plus.

let me know what you listen 2, or whatever.

Im into meeting sum1 thats not afraid to show there true self... baby u got's to be feirce..... dont 4get the pic's girl's... maby we kick it off, so sky the limit, I guess, ?.. good luck.

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