Community Service Opportunity

Casual yes, here's the deal.... - w4m - 26 (San Diego)
I have cancer and it's terminal, and severe nerve damage in my back most days I can't even get out of bed, if I go to the store an hour later it feels like I was beat up with a sludge hammer.

You ever see "Fight Club" where the main dude's reality character is sittin in on a Cancer patient session and the bald chick Chloe is speaking about her last days and then goes into how desperately she needs to get laid, and that's all she wants, well that's me but I still got most of my hair and will have a drink so I don't show as being that desperate.

It would be really excellent to get a nice dinner, laugh my ass off, and have some great unprotected sex...

So if you are under 30 and over 25, find this slightly amusing but know that I am serious, email me....

I guess you could think of it as having sex with a really old MILF or grandma who is in a 26 year old body that only seems to be living!


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