Check All that Apply

yo I aint looking for no boring ass mufcrs thats 4sho - 35

Hey Ladies!!!!!!!Hey ladies at the BK lounge! Wuudddd up!!!!!

I love cool chicks that are super fly! You know who are! Not those crazy stalker bitches but some real funky fresh biooootches that know how dress to impress and not stressed like the rest!

Come on ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know this the kool-mo-D honey love right cheer. So recongnize a true don when you see one! You know I got the Italian leather shoes! I aint lying! My Moms bought 'em for me at the mall! You know I got a phat ride too! Its my Moms. Shes cool.

Let me take you to the BK lounge! Or Sushi bitch. But were goin dutch if you aint true to me.

Now, let me tell you about some of my better qualities and why you'd dig my style:

____Im the super fly mufcr from another planet biatch
____I'm the Kool Mo D
____I'm rockin' yo shit like my dick don't quit
____I sing folksongs to your Dad
____Your little brother, I pimp'd him
____I don't do drugs
____Im getting my BA so I can go into law
____I am a rock star and only date fly honey dips like you

Now, let me tell you about some of your better qualities and why I'd dig your style:

____You are lovely and special like a toy or a pet
____You have new features like bright eyes or nice nails
____You smell like a rose or a cotton candy
____You taste like the sun or you feel like my pillow
____You know how to make me money
____You stimulate my mind w/ your bad ass shiiiiiiit
____Your Mama never tires to step to me
____Your friends leave us the fuck alone

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