Be Careful What You Wish For

Hi, i'm looking for a good crazy woman - 31 (Boston)-m4w
Crazy girls just seem to be more interesting!

I really get off on emotional rollercoaster relationships. Plus, nothing can make person feel wanted like a good stalker! It's the little things like calling me all the time wondering what I'm doing, or when I'm in the shower you sneak a peek at my cell to see who've I've been calling. Maybe when I get home you openly smell my clothes for the scent of another woman.

You know what they say about crazy women in bed! I'm sooo bored with taking "nice" girls out on "nice" dates only find the sex is BORING :) I want--no demand--that clothes regularly be ripped off during sex! And I've come to find a girl has to have few screws loose to play intensely like that...

So if you could please send your pic and tell me about your greatest episodes of obsession. I will get back to you just as soon as i prep with a Zanax; no better make that two.

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