Rentally Mantarded

I Want To Rent A Wife - 50 (Seattle)

I am to old for the bullshit so why not rent a wife.

How about a hooker? Never too old for those! According to Urban Dictionary, "a hooker is a woman (usu) who receives money for chugging the snotty end of a piss pump until the "john's" fuck stick blows a bileous ball bilge bolis of throat yogurt down the back of her crack smoking gullet." Wow, that tastes better with bacon.
I want you cleanup around the house,maybe do a little laundry,make dinner ,get me a beer,ect. The thing is I only want you around 1 or 2 days a week.

Maybe a maid? According to Urban Dictionary, is a domestic servant or "person who cleans your crib up when you soil it after a wild happenin' party in which Long Duck Dong (Gong) comes to vist you grandparont."
I do not want a live girlfriend.I don't need to call you every 10 mins to see whats going on.I sure don't need you to keep track of everything I do ether.

So if you can handle this kind of relationship let's talk and if you want send pic and I well do the same Thanks For Readin.
At least you said thanks. Good Luck with that.

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