Girl Gamer Seeks to Score

Looking for gamer guy! PST!-Canada W4M
Heeyyaa! I'm an independent 21 year-old Asian gamer chick that is currently looking for a fun and honest relationship with a cute guy!
Pre-reqs include:
  • World of Warcraft player
  • Having at least 2 70's
  • Having a personal PVP rating of at least 2000.
  • Good and quirky sense of humour (interests in shows such as South Park and Family Guy help with that)
  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Intelligence
  • Age: Between 22 and 26
I am currently working full-time and pay for all my own stuff, including my own place, car, etc. I will be attending university in the fall as a full-time student. My musical preference is metal although that isn't too much of an issue issue.

If you think you have what it takes, send me a message with a picture attachment and a brief description of your characters! If I'm interested, I will message you back with a few of my pics. XD

P.S. The WoW requirements are not a joke. Kthnxbai!

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