Earth Boys are Easy

WORST DATE EVER - 24 (Austin) m4w
So this one time, me and this girl went out on a date. We hopped in her car and went to HEB to get some gum just in case we ended up kissing later and needed some fresh breath.

Then we went to her favorite restaurant only to discover it had been closed for 5 years. I wondered where she had been eating all this time.

After this we went to Amy's and got some ice cream. It was delicious. After this we wondered around Whole Foods for a while..then we checked out some other stores.

Yay that was fun! The we went back to her house, and we were out in her yard. We had really hit it off and were about to kiss, when she saw this bright light and I was like "don't go into the light"..well she didn't listen..needless to say that was our last date...and we never got to kiss.

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