Looking for a Full Set of Teeth

I’m Look’n for a woman to do my Wash’n and Cook’n Varmints. (San Franacisco)
Now, I ain’t ever tried here on-line dating before, so here we go…

I’m Look’n for a woman to do my Wash’n and Cook’n Varmints. That’s right, I’m too!

I’m an old fashion guy, I believe in things the way god meant them to be, damn it!
I doing real fine at the junkyard, and you know I work from home. And it ain’t half bad at all!

I even got electricity and an AM radio! And I built a new outhouse this year too! We’ll you know old Bessy (God bless her) past away last September and God damnt, I got no-one to take of me, cook,’n and clean’n , and making woopy all night!

About Me:
I drive an old 53’ chevy pickup truck, when she’s running.
I only wear my dentures when I eat, I don’t need for talking and make’n woopy.
Now, don’t you worry your pretty little head about money, I can shoot all the varmints we’ll need to eat! We got’um running all over the house.

I know how to slap a women around, to keep her in line, from time to time. And I’m not, bad for my look’n for my age, I don’t even need a walker yet!

Good with the wash’n, I get mighty dirty work’n out in the junkyard.
Good with the clean’n up after me and the dog.
Good with cook’n all kind of varmints.
Good with making woopy… you know missionary style.
Don’t Nag too much!

Nuf sad..
Editor's Note: This poster should try Redneck and Single. This site states "think of this as an online honky-tonk. But without the drinkin', the cussin' and the fightin' of course." Remember as the site points out "always offer to bait your date's hook, especially on the first date."

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