Seeking Dumpster Diving Cutie

I Think Homeless Chicks Are Hot - 30
Are you a bag lady? Do you have more than three carts? Are you missing teeth? Do you ferquent the methadone clinic? If so then you probably don't have access to the internet and thus, won't be able to read this ad.

I saw you in the soup line in the Tender Loin. It was corn chowder day. Yum. I know you don't have any teeth but don't wory I think that's hot (wink wink).

I think it would be great to brouse the various soup kitchens, do some rumageing together, or maybe spare some change on Market St. I was thinking we could have some wild sex in an abandond car or some back alley somewhere, maybe even Golden Gate Park. So let me know if you are interested. I have some old blankets we can use and a tarp so we can build a makeshift love den.

I want to let you into my heart. Take you out to a nice dinner. I was thinking KFC or Popeyes. If you want to order an extra side I can get that for you. What would you like? Mac'n cheese, cole slaw? I can cut the chicken strips into little pieces so it will be easier for you to gum. We can drink night train out of paper cups by candle light. Or at least fire up my zippo. It will be glorious.

If you aren't homeless and are interested, I am open to dating non-homeless chicks.


Anonymous said...

Homeless persons do indeed have access to the internet through the public libraries.

The United States is working to do something about the homeless issue.

Anonymous said...

Access to a sense of humor?
Gainesville Florida hosts "Homeless Night Out" an event for homeless residents where they spend a night out on the town rather than in the homeless shelters.