Smarter than your last boyfriend - 29-m4w (Houston)
Ok,how many of you are rebounding.?

Are you constantly thinking about your last boyfriend when you curl up with that 3rd pint of Ben & Jerry's and watch Sex in the City?

Well look no further. It's spring time. Time to get out of your crusty sweatpants and get out. work on your tan, read a book, and give your cat a bath.

And I will say it, I am way cooler and more interesting (and probably funnier and more attractive) than your last boyfriend. Call it arrogant, I call it confidant. It's amazing to me how many women out there like tools.

Don't you think you should change your pattern - it obviously IS NOT working? I consider a guy a tool who has no prospects, who is deep down insecure, and has nothing interesting to say.

So anyways, since I've found there are a lot of picky women in Houston, I too will be picky. So don't bother writing unless you meet the following requirements:

1) You have traveled overseas (Cancun does not count)
2) You are currently in grad school or have a post college graduate degree
3) You have some interests that you developed on your own
4) You have a favorite tv show, a movie, or musical band. We do need something to talk about don't we?
5) You aren't super-religious
6) You like to eat foreign foods (tex-mex doesn't count ladies)

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