The Mad Dater

messing with sasquash - 49 m4w (Houston)
I'm tired of having a female bent on destroying my life and her own--smoking, coughing and choking all the time, and half drunk the rest of the time!!!

Tell you right now so you can stop reading if you don't like black men. That's YOUR problem, not mine.

I'm better than the people who don't like us. They are sinners just like everybody else. They have nothing to bring to the table but a vagina, but they are looking for men to give them everything. I see them at the malls, shopping centers.

Let me be frank. I see bitches grabbing things off shelves that they could never afford, just like at the State Fair. Got some white boy with an income, throwing balls that cost $20 for five to win a trinklet and he is looking stunned after about 20 goes! Find a fool bruise his head!
I would not want one of those types anyway, but it seems to be just about the only kind there are around here.

I'm tired of a female always giving me an opportunity to do for her while she can't even return a phone call because she is screwing around with multiple men.

I'm tired of bullshit females who get mad when you tell what they are doing like you're doing them wrong or something!
So I'm running my own ad, because most ALL of the ads in w4m are nothing but HOOKERS AND PROSTITUTES-- spammers and porn and singles spam, you name it!

Just because I'm single, does NOT mean that I'm looking for the neighborhood fat chicks either.
I'm not desperate.

I'm very handsome, I have my OWN MONEY and sense with it.

You must be 5'2 to 5'8" tall, not over 165 lbs hwp. Not weird.

Not a walking genius, but not igno-stupid either. I don't care about your income, car make, etc. I am financially secure and mentally secure too. I don't want a woman with a bunch of kids, and who are so in love with kids that she has not time or caring to focus on me. Not hooker, not prostitute, not men or bi's, or even thinking about it.

Must be in Katy or nearby and not mind driving. Must like to eat out. We can meet at Frankenstein's Grill or Starbucks in the Kroger SC at Fry and Park Row.

I don't care what race you are. Age is almost unimportant.

You should love, not just like, all races of men. I don't want a racist or difficult person. If you don't want sex, don't answer my ad.

I'm not homo, not trying to be by not getting any of what a man (and healthy-minded) woman need to live.

No, I'm not paying your bills off. I don't mind helping a lady if I get helped first. I've already found out what I get when I help first. But I thought there were honest ladies here too. Not just those who 'say' they are.
So today. Weather's fine. Let's meet. If you say you are scared to meet in a broad open place in the day time, you're probably no good and full of mental things, so don't write me.

I'm too tired of bullshit women who sap away months of my life. This is MY day, cause I give you days and you pour them out!

Nuff said. Write back... I don't answer replies that don't address the photo. I HAVE MANY PHOTOS.

Let me say right now that I hate Katy!!! And Houston too. I never saw so many dysfunctionals in my entire life! I never thought that people could be more stupid than I thought. I'm not going to PRETEND to be stupid and ignorant just to satisfy their butts. It's a damn shame that I moved to this cursed town, only to find that it is full of lesbians and gays who are cursed for all eternity and the rest of the people are married happily (A salud) or most of the 'so-called' singles are really just demonics!

The only ones who SEEM to be halfway cool, are 100 lbs overweight.


Do I fking have to leave here? Looks like it.

Maybe advertise in other cities and move, but just bought a new home here. This is total shit. l

Start talking crazy and not do what is common sense and no reply!

I am NOT INTERESTED IN A COMPUTER RELATIONSHIP. YOU GET 1 EMAIL then I expect to meet somewhere during the day time.

Thanks! I'm not mean... I'M MAD!

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